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Sandblasting of glass


A less frequently used method for finishing glass is the matting of the surface by sandblasting. In this process, granules are thrown onto the glass surface with compressed air, which then becomes roughened and opaque but remains translucent. The appearance of the matting depends on the type and grain size of the granules and the irradiation intensity. Patterns, textures, logos or logos can be achieved by masking part surfaces or using masking or photosensitive films. They are not matted because they are protected from sandblasting. Through different depths of sandblasting and a different duration of the beam effect shading and 3D effects can be conjured up in the glass. The sandblasting technique is often used to make trophies and personalized gifts for weddings and anniversaries. Likewise, the sandblasting technique is often used to repair or rebuild antique glass doors, windows or mirrors.




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