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High concentration ability, special instinct as well as drawing talent and a steady hand are in demand with the glass engraver. With small grinding wheels on the engraving machine or with the flexible shaft, they develop fine emblems, writings, coats of arms, ornaments, structures and figures and illustrations graphically or plastically in flat glass or hollow glass. Exact replicas or the implementation of own designs characterize the daily work of the engraver. Glass engraving is a refined way of cutting glass and is therefore one of the most sophisticated types of glass finishing. With small ceramic grinding wheels or diamond wheels, the glass is engraved from above, with constant supply of water. Furthermore, there is the copper engraving, in which the glass is processed with copper wheels and abrasives. Due to the high work and thus cost, it is hardly used today. By means of engraving very different patterns and motifs can be realized. Whether figural or ornamental. Also, the combination of different types of glass processing such as engraving, grinding and sandblasting is often very attractive and creates unexpected possibilities.




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